Thoughts about Paul from I Am Second

Many Christians have raised concerns about the emphasis of many in the Christian faith on Paul with too little emphasis placed on the teachings of Jesus. One organization, I Am Second, on its Facebook page seems to exhibit a preference for quoting from Paul and books attributed to Paul. In response to a question regarding this, a contact from I Am Second provided this response:

"I do choose a lot of Paul's writing. Typically it's because I'm trying to point to Christ and His character. Paul usually does a GREAT job of either describing Christ, explaining why He had to die, and then couples it with its implications. Yes, Jesus's teachings are essential, but Paul's can be trusted as well. If you look in our small group materials, we tend to use more parables and teaching of Christ directly because the group has time to discuss and unpack. Paul's teaching are usually more concise as far pointing to both Christ and the implications." (emphasis added)

What are your thoughts? Do these comments raise any issues of concern? If they do, should we, as Christians, address the issues raised and, if so, how? Post your comments here.

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